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Details Mental-Health-and-Crime-Contemporary-Issues-in-Public-Policy

Does mental disorder cause crime? Does crime cause mental disorder? And if either of these could be proved to be true what consequences should stem for those who find themselves deemed mentally disordered offenders? Mental Health and Crime examines ...

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Details Cosmic-Ordering-How-to-Make-Your-Dreams-Come-True

Broschiertes BuchThe astrologer for the UKUs "Daily Mail" provides unparalleled insight and takes readers through the crucial steps to success in finding an ideal job, true love, the solution to money or health concerns, and more.

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Details I-Am-The-Last-Triplet-A-True-Inspirational-Story

I Am the Last Triplet My book is to give encouragement to everyone with health problems. Some doctors said that my mother willed me to live. Writing this book gives me a chance to say thank you to my parents, all the doctors, nurses and agencies. That ...